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About Stradr

Stradr is a theoretical stock trading platform that lets you trade real stocks with imaginary, digital money. Using Stradr, you can learn about the stock market without financial risk, test out investment theory, and compete against your friends to see who has the best investing strategy. All listed stocks are completely real and Stradr utilizes real time stock data updated during normal trading hours. Stradr is completely free.


Does Stradr "charge" brokerage fees?

No, but regular fees are enacted to simulate the real stock market. For example, when buying a call option, there will be a small fee as is typical in real market trading.

Does Stradr pay dividends?

Not yet, but it's coming.

Does Stradr use realtime data?

Yes, all data used throughout Stradr is completely realtime, albeit on a fifteen-minute delay.

Can I use Stradr like a normal broker?

Yes, minus the terrible user interface and slow trading times. Stradr also includes features your broker might not, such as fractional shares and aftermarket trading.

What is Stradr's market coverage?

Stradr has 100% market coverage in relevant US markets including the NYSE and NASDAQ except for large aggregates such as the S&P 500 and NASDAQ composite index. Indexes such as these will be implemented by the end of this quarter. Forex, Cryptocurrency, and options trading are in the process of being added and expanded. OTC market coverage is significant but not 100%.

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