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Paper trading, easier than ever

Programmatic trading with an intuitive user-interface.


U.S. Market Coverage


Order execution time


Fractional share denominations

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Stradr API

Power, integrated.

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Visual interface

The Stradr API integrates with a preexisting visual interface to allow you to invest whenever, wherever, and however you want.

A market, discovered

Stradr includes 100% United States market coverage, fractional shares, and aftermarket trading. This makes using the API as simple as can be: just pick a stock and you're ready to go.

Custom architecture,
instant orders

Gone are the days of waiting for an email to verify order execution. Stradr order execution is instant, and because it runs on custom paper trading infrastructure it's as fast as ever.

An infinite range

It's not every platform that includes such an exhaustive list of features designed to make it as easy as possible for any person to invest, anywhere, anytime. No matter what you're using Stradr for, you can be sure we can do it.

Streamlined HTTP interface for any need

Make requests easily and with speed using the simple REST/HTTP interface to create your dreams. All responses are formatted in JSON, and making your first requests can take only seconds.


Endpoints for every system

Note that some endpoints are plan specific

POSTPlace buy order

- Now

- Market open

- Market close

- By price

POSTPlace sell order

- Now

- Market open

- Market close

- By price

GETQuery positions

GETQuery account value

GETQuery daily change

GETQuery buying power

GETQuery account statistic

GETQuery complete statistical report

GETQuery account settings

GETQuery global ranking

GETQuery remaining requests

POSTModify account settings

What are you waiting for?

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Stradr uses a revolutionary new method of paper trading that allows you to invest in any capacity you need. Now, instead of being confined to a strictly command line or visual method of investing and controlling your accounts, you can use them both in tandem to allow for both programmatic power and visual clarity. Any action taken using the command line can also take place in the visual interface, and most actions performed in the visual interface are also transferable to the command line. Further, all developer accounts include access to a visual interface, and you can continue to use this visual interface even if you unsubscribe from the API. This makes investing using Stradr a win-win: accounts are both technically capable and independently viable without the use of an external investing system or interface.

Stradr has included several features that make investing easier and more conducive to your workflow. Fractional shares, aftermarket trading, 100% market coverage, and more all make investing as simple as choosing a stock and number and pressing buy. Fractional shares are viable to denominations of 0.0001, and accounts can start with as little as a cent, meaning that simulating a realistic market condition is simple and straightforward; it’s built into the platform.

The Stradr API features extremely low latency, and this means that making high volume trades is both possible and encouraged using the API. Now, you can invest in any stock in any exchange you want without facing degraded latency or longer wait times. Furthermore, because we include instant order execution with all API plans, it’s possible to invest in true real time without facing issues of order placement or exchange order. Trading volume, order size, or any other typical market factor has no effect on the execution time of your order because of the custom infrastructure used by the Stradr API, and these factors all allow you complete freedom over how you invest and when. Note that data is 15-minutes delayed.

Stradr includes an extensive list of features designed to make investing using the platform as straightforward and powerful as possible, including

Each one of these features was created for the purpose of making Stradr as powerful a tool as it can be, and investing using the Stradr API is a critical component of many modern investment systems. Whether it be a simple application with relatively low volume or a much larger market simulation, Stradr can handle it and has the ability to scale to your use cases.

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